What does Urw mean?

You’re welcome

When you receive a message saying “thanks”, one way you can respond is by simply texting back “urw”. This casual acronym stands for “you’re welcome” and is typically used in texting or online communication. Think of it as a quick reply to a friend who thanks you for doing them a favor, like if your buddy Alex thanks you for giving him a ride, you could reply, “urw. No problem!”

Urw is similar to the more frequently used “YW” but it carries an extra character. It’s a fun and easy way to respond to someone’s thank you message on social media or in a text conversation. It’s part of the shorthand language that has evolved with the rise of digital communication.

There are also several other possible responses to a thank you message. Some of these include MW, YVW, YWIA, NW, NP, and NPS. These abbreviations offer a variety of ways to express your response in an informal and friendly manner. So, the next time you get a “thanks” message, feel free to respond with a simple “urw”. It’s a fun and casual way to keep the conversation going.

Example for using ‘Urw’ in a conversation

Hey, thanks for helping me move yesterday! Really appreciate it!

urw. anytime! 😊

No problem! You’re the best! πŸ™Œ

Aww, thanks! Just glad I could help. πŸ˜„