What does UT stand for?

You there?

If you get a text or chat message that simply says “UT?“, it means the person is checking if you’re available. This person probably wants to chat with you and may have been trying to reach you for a while.

It’s considered good manners to respond when someone messages you with “UT?“. You aren’t obligated to engage in a long conversation, though. If you’re busy, tell them you don’t have time to talk right now but you’ll catch up with them later.

Of course, if it’s something really important, you might want to take the time to respond properly. So “UT?” can be a quick and easy way for people to check in with each other.

Example for using ‘UT’ in a conversation

Hey! UT?

Yeah, I’m here. What’s up?

I wanted to ask if you’re free this weekend?

I’m really busy, sorry. Can we talk later?