What does UTG stand for in Poker?

Under the gun

If you’re playing online Texas hold ’em or Omaha poker, you might come across the term UTG, which stands for “under the gun.” But what does it mean?

In these poker games, UTG is a position that a player can hold. Specifically, it refers to the player who is sitting to the left of the BB, or big blind. It’s not the best spot to be in, and here’s why.

The player who is UTG has to act first in the PF, or preflop, stage of the game. This means they have to make the first move without any knowledge of what the other players at the table are planning to do with their hands. So basically, they’re “under the gun” or under pressure to make a decision.

So, if you’re playing poker and you find yourself UTG, know that you’re in a tricky spot. You’ll have to make a decision without any information about what the other players might do. Just remember, it’s all part of the game!

Example for using ‘UTG’ in a conversation

Hey, are you playing poker tonight?

Yep, I am. Just got seated UTG. Wish me luck! πŸ€

Good luck! But isn’t UTG a tough position?

Yeah, it’s the first to act before the flop. Gotta play cautiously. 😬