What does Vamping mean?

Being awake late into the night using electronic devices is known as ‘Vamping’

Imagine vampires who are active during the night. Now, consider this in a modern context where people, especially teens, stay up late using electronics. This is precisely what vamping is.

Teens engaged in vamping tend to stay up late into the night texting, gaming, or even watching videos on their devices. This is not a phenomenon restricted to a specific time zone or region. It happens everywhere.

The term vamping has gained popularity on social media platforms. It’s often seen with a hashtag (#) before the term in tweets or posts. This indicates that the person is currently staying up late using electronics.

So, whenever you see a teenager awake late at night, engrossed in their device, they are probably vamping. Remember, it’s not just about staying up late, but about staying up late with electronic devices.

Example for using ‘Vamping’ in a conversation

Hey, are you still up?

Yeah, I’m vamping tonight. Can’t sleep.

Haha, me too! What are you doing?

Just browsing social media and watching YouTube videos. You?