What does VBS stand for?

Very big smile

When you see VBS, just know it’s a happy expression. It’s a shorthand way of saying “very big smile”. So, if a friend sends you a message with VBS, they’re simply showing joy or amusement.

You might also come across <VBS>. The angle brackets don’t change the meaning, they just make the VBS stand out from the rest of the message. It’s still a sign of a big smile.

Example for using ‘VBS’ in a conversation

Hey! Guess what? I aced my math test today! VBS πŸ˜„

Wow, congrats! That’s amazing! VBS πŸŽ‰

Thanks! I studied really hard for it. VBS 😊

Well, your hard work paid off. VBS Proud of you! πŸ‘