Verbal Punches

What does Verbal Punches mean?

Words used with the purpose to cause harm

Imagine someone saying things that are intended to hurt your feelings. That’s what we call ‘Verbal Punches’. It’s like someone is throwing words at you, the same way they would throw punches.

This kind of interaction often happens between siblings, friends, and even between parents and their kids. Just as physical punches can hurt physically, these verbal punches can hurt emotionally.

It’s important to remember, while these words can be hurtful, they are just that – words. They don’t define who you are or what you’re capable of. So next time when someone throws verbal punches at you, remember, you have the power to choose how you react to them.

Example for using ‘Verbal Punches’ in a conversation

Hey, I heard you got into an argument with your sister. What happened?

Yeah, she started throwing some verbal punches at me.

Oh no, that’s not cool. What did she say?

She said I’m lazy and never help out around the house.