Victory Lap

What does Victory Lap mean in Golf?

When a golf ball spins around the edge of the hole before dropping in, it’s known as a ‘Victory Lap’

In golf, a Victory Lap is a thrilling moment that occurs when a ball, after spinning around the edge of the hole, finally falls in. It’s a term that originates from the ball’s journey around the hole, mirroring the tradition in racing where the winner takes a lap around the course to celebrate their victory.

Just like a “back-door putt”, a Victory Lap is one of the highlights in a game of golf. It’s that suspenseful moment where the ball seems to be on the brink of popping out of the hole, but then, to everyone’s surprise and delight, it drops in.

Interestingly, a Victory Lap is the exact opposite of what’s known as a Botox putt. In a Botox putt, the ball frustratingly lips out of the hole, denying the player the satisfaction of a successful shot.

So next time you’re watching a game of golf, keep an eye out for these Victory Laps. They’re a testament to the unpredictable and exhilarating nature of the sport, and a real joy to watch.

Example for using ‘Victory Lap’ in a conversation

Hey, I just had the craziest golf shot! πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ

Oh really? What happened? πŸ€”

I hit the ball towards the hole, and it looked like it was going to miss, but then it did a victory lap! πŸ”„β›³οΈ

No way! It spun around the edge and fell in? That’s awesome! πŸŽ‰