What does Videobomb mean?

Being part of the backdrop in a video

When someone sneakily pops up in the background of your video recording, it’s called a videobomb. This unexpected guest usually appears doing something silly or making a weird face to get a few laughs.

Often, the person videobombing does it just to mess around with the people shooting the video. They’ll casually slide into the frame, striking a bizarre pose or pulling a goofy or spooky expression.

The main goal of a videobomb is to add a dose of humor or annoyance. It’s all about catching the video recorder off guard and creating a funny or shocking moment in their video.

Example for using ‘Videobomb’ in a conversation

Hey, check out this funny video I recorded at the park today! 🀣

Haha, let me see! πŸ˜„

Wait for it… here comes the videobomb! πŸ™ˆ

Oh my gosh! πŸ˜‚ That guy in the background is hilarious! He totally videobombed your video!