Villain Era

What does Villain Era mean?

Making yourself a priority

When someone talks about entering their “Villain Era”, they are referring to a phase in life where they’re done playing nice. Instead, they’re focused on pursuing what they want, even if that means being seen as the bad guy. The intensity of this phase can vary from person to person. For some, it means being more assertive and less inclined to be taken advantage of, while others may engage in more drastic behavior such as lying, stealing, or seeking revenge.

The idea of the “Villain Era” started gaining traction in 2022, largely driven by social media and popular culture. The buzz could be traced back to a scene in a television show, where character Jane Doe boldly declares, “If that makes me a villain, then so be it. I can play the villain,” amidst disrupting her sister’s stage play. Alternatively, the rise of the “Villain Era” could be attributed to a number of popular songs that year which seemed to endorse this shift towards embracing one’s inner villain.

The term “Villain Era” seems to resonate particularly with women who are tired of always trying to please others and are ready to put their own needs first. Men also use the term, but often in contexts where they’re acting unpleasantly rather than asserting themselves. No matter the gender, the “Villain Era” represents a shift from pleasing others to prioritizing oneself.

Example for using ‘Villain Era’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about the ‘Villain Era’?

Yeah, it’s all about putting yourself first and not caring about pleasing others.

Exactly! It’s like embracing your inner badass.

Totally! I’m ready to enter my villain era and stop being a pushover.