Virtual Restaurant

What does Virtual Restaurant mean?

Restaurant that only delivers food

A virtual restaurant is a food establishment that doesn’t have a physical location or a place for customers to sit and eat. These restaurants accept orders only through online platforms or over the phone, and deliver meals right to the customer’s door.

The trend of virtual restaurants expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic when most places were unable to accommodate customers indoors. However, such restaurants have been around even before the pandemic hit.

Typically, a virtual restaurant operates from the kitchen of an existing traditional restaurant. This helps in reducing costs as there’s no requirement for a separate physical space.

For instance, a restaurant that primarily serves burgers might also run a virtual restaurant that specializes in pasta dishes. Customers ordering pasta from this virtual restaurant may never know that their food is actually being prepared in the burger joint’s kitchen.

Virtual restaurants are also known by a few other names, such as ghost kitchens, cloud kitchens, shadow kitchens, and ghost restaurants.

Example for using ‘Virtual Restaurant’ in a conversation

I’m craving some wings tonight!

Oh, you should try ordering from a virtual restaurant!

What’s a virtual restaurant?

It’s a delivery-only restaurant that doesn’t have a physical storefront.