What does VP stand for?

Vice President

When you come across the term ‘VP’, it means “Vice President“. This title is used for the person who holds the second highest position in a government or business, just behind the president. It’s a term you might see a lot, especially in news stories, online forums, and social media posts.

In most cases, the VP is the one who steps in if the president can’t do their job for some reason. This role carries a lot of power and responsibility, since they’re the first choice to take over the top job if it becomes available.

When it comes to the United States, the VP or Vice President is the president’s running mate and the second most important person in the executive branch. Also, this person has a role in the legislative branch; they oversee the Senate and cast a vote only when there’s a tie.

Example for using ‘VP’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the news today?

Yeah, I saw something about the VP making an announcement.

VP? What does that mean?

It stands for “Vice President.” It’s the second-highest officer in the government or business, right after the president.

Ah, got it! So, which VP were they talking about?

They were referring to the Vice President of the United States, VPOTUS.

I see. So, the VP is like the second-in-command, right?

Exactly! In case anything happens to the president, the VP steps in.