What does VPOTUS stand for?

Vice President

VPOTUS is an acronym for “Vice President of the United States.” This is the person who is second-in-command in the United States federal government. The term VPOTUS is derived from the acronym POTUS, which stands for “President of the United States.”

The VPOTUS is the presidential candidate’s partner during a campaign. If the president is unable to fulfill his or her duties, the VPOTUS is the first person to take over. On top of being the second-highest officer in the executive branch, the VPOTUS also has a role in the legislative branch.

In the legislative branch, the VPOTUS has the responsibility of overseeing the Senate. The VPOTUS also has the power to vote in the Senate, but only to break a tie. This dual role makes the position of VPOTUS unique.

The term VPOTUS is commonly used in various platforms such as news articles, discussion boards, and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. This is because the official title “Vice President of the United States” can be quite lengthy. Both supporters and critics alike use the term VPOTUS when referring to the vice president.

Example for using ‘VPOTUS’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the news today?

Yeah, I saw something about the VPOTUS. What’s that?

VPOTUS stands for “Vice President of the United States.” It’s the second-highest officer in the US government.

Oh, got it! So, the VPOTUS is like the second-in-command after the President?

Exactly! The VPOTUS is the running mate of the President and takes over if the President can’t fulfill their duties.

That makes sense. Thanks for explaining!