What does VTuber mean?

Virtual YouTuber

A VTuber is a digital version of a YouTuber who uses an animated avatar instead of their real-life face in their videos. These avatars are typically designed like 2D or 3D anime characters and are animated using motion capture technology to mimic the movements of the real person behind the avatar.

The word VTuber, which is short for virtual YouTuber, was first used by a digital character named Kizuna AI, created by a Japanese company called Activ8. The character’s voice was provided by Nozomi Kasuga. This happened around 2016, and as more virtual YouTubers started appearing, the term VTuber became more widely used.

VTubers gained significant popularity in the late 2010s and into the early 2020s, and even more so during the Covid pandemic when people were spending more time at home and online. Many VTubers have become very popular and have large followings.

Example for using ‘VTuber’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of VTubers? 🤔

Yeah, they’re YouTubers with digital avatars instead of their real selves. 🎮

Exactly! These avatars look like anime characters. 🎌

I think Kizuna AI started the trend in 2016. 🤖