Vulture Back

What does it mean in football?

A running back who snatches away opportunities to score from the main player

A vulture back is a term used in football, specifically referring to a substitute running back who is brought into play during scoring chances. The vulture back typically replaces the main running back, and is generally larger in size, making scoring easier when near the goal line.

This type of player is often a source of annoyance for those participating in fantasy football. The reason being, a vulture back can snatch crucial touchdown points from the starting running back, a player who would typically be chosen by a fantasy football participant.

However, vulture backs are usually not suitable replacements for the main running back in fantasy football. This is because their yard rushing is typically low, meaning their main opportunity to earn points comes from carries near the goal line.

Example for using ‘Vulture Back’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the football game last night?

Yeah, I did! It was intense.

Totally! But did you notice that vulture back in action?

Oh, you mean when they brought in that other running back near the end zone?

Exactly! He swooped in and stole the touchdown from the starting back.

Ugh, vulture backs are so frustrating. They always take away valuable points.