What does W^ mean?

What’s up

W^ is a cool, short way to say “what’s up?” It takes the “w” from “what’s” and replaces “up” with a caret symbol that points upwards. It’s a quick, snappy way to check in on someone or to start a conversation.

But there’s another way to use W^. Sometimes, it can mean “what up” instead. This version is a bit more flexible, since you can use it to ask how someone is doing, or to show off a bit.

Let’s say, for example, your buddy Ben just got a surprise promotion at work. He might text you, “Yo, your boy just got promoted, w^.” It’s a fun, modern way to share good news and keep your friends in the loop.

Example for using ‘W^’ in a conversation

Hey, w^?

Not much, just chilling. w^ with you?

Same here, just hanging out. w^

Nice! By the way, w^, I aced my math test today!