What does W4U stand for?

Wait for you

If you get a message with W4U, it means the sender is ready to “wait for you.” This slang usually pops up when you’re running late to meet a pal, a relative, or a workmate. It’s a nice way of them saying they don’t mind hanging around until you get there.

When you see W4U in a message, it’s good manners to reply with something like TY (thank you) or another acronym to show you appreciate their patience. It’s also a good idea to let them know you’re going to get there ASAP (as soon as possible), so they won’t be kept waiting too long.

Example for using ‘W4U’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m running a bit late. Are you already at the café?

No worries! I’ll W4U. Take your time. 😊

Thanks, you’re the best! I’ll be there in 10 minutes.

No problem at all! I’ll be waiting. See you soon! 👍