What does WAGs stand for?

Wives and girlfriends

When you hear the term ‘WAGs’, it’s simply an abbreviation for ‘wives and girlfriends’. This term is primarily used to refer to the partners of high-profile sports stars, particularly those in English football.

The British press started using ‘WAGs’ in the early 2000s to describe the partners of famous football players. It’s thought that it first came into use around 2002, but it really became popular during the 2006 World Cup. During this time, the media often referred to high-profile women like Nicole Scherzinger (girlfriend of Lewis Hamilton) and Alex Gerrard (wife of Steven Gerrard) as ‘WAGs’.

However, the term has been criticized for being sexist and not recognizing the individual achievements of these women. Critics argue that labeling them as ‘WAGs’ diminishes their own fame and accomplishments, reducing them to merely an attachment of their famous partners.

Example for using ‘WAGs’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the game last night?

Yeah, it was intense! The WAGs were all over the stadium.

I know, right? They always bring so much glamour to the matches.

Definitely! Being a WAG seems like a whole different lifestyle.