What does WAHM stand for?

Work-at-home mom

A WAHM is essentially a superwoman who manages her kids and her job at the same time. She is a mom who, in spite of her domestic responsibilities, works from home or runs her own business.

So, if you are friends with a WAHM, she might appreciate a little help every now and then. You could offer to babysit for a few hours or even just keep the kids busy for a little while. This would give her a chance to take a break and relax.

There are also SAHMs, SAHDs, and WAHDs. SAHMs are stay-at-home moms who do not work, SAHDs are stay-at-home dads who take care of the kids and do not work, and WAHDs are dads who work from home and also look after the kids. Although they are not as commonly referred to, these terms are just as important as WAHM and they all deserve recognition for their efforts.

Example for using ‘WAHM’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about Lisa?

No, what’s up?

She’s become a WAHM!

Oh, really? That’s awesome! What does that mean?

It means she’s working from home while taking care of her kids.

Wow, she must be super busy then. WAHMs are real powerhouses!