Waiver Hawk

What does it mean?

A person who keeps a close eye on the waiver wire in fantasy sports is called a ‘Waiver Hawk’

In the world of fantasy sports, such as fantasy football or fantasy baseball, a Waiver Hawk is an owner who keenly watches the waiver wire and picks up players the second they become free agents. The term borrows its essence from the focused and patient hunting style of a real hawk.

The waiver wire is a concept both in real and fantasy sports. It is the period between a player being cut from his team and the time he becomes a free agent. During this period, teams are allowed to pick up players in a specific order based on their record (the worst team gets the first choice) and the frequency of their pickups (picking up a player from the waivers sends you to the back of the line).

An owner becomes a Waiver Hawk when they identify a player that they believe will significantly improve their team. They then wait until the player clears the waiver wire and is available as a free agent. This allows the owner to pick up the player without having to give up their waiver order position.

The strategy of a Waiver Hawk often involves getting up early in the morning to grab the player immediately after they become available. This level of dedication and commitment to the game is what makes a Waiver Hawk stand out among other fantasy sports players.

Example for using ‘Waiver Hawk’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that waiver hawk move last night?

Yeah, it was crazy! He picked up that player as soon as he cleared waivers.

I know, he’s always on top of it. He’s a true waiver hawk.

I wish I had his patience and dedication. He always gets the best players.