Walmart Mom

What does it mean?

A mom who buys stuff from Walmart and supports the Republican party

A Walmart mom is typically a white, working-class mother who frequents Walmart for her family’s grocery, clothing, and other needs in order to save money. The term often pops up in political contexts, especially related to the Republican party due to the political leanings of these moms.

When political analysts or news reporters mention Walmart moms, they are usually referring to a demographic of voters whose political concerns are primarily about the economy, illegal immigration, and increasing insurance costs.

To be classified as a Walmart mom from a political science perspective, two criteria must be met: the mom has to identify as a Republican, and she must have shopped at Walmart within the last month.

Example for using ‘Walmart Mom’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the election?

Yeah, I’ve been following it. Have you heard of the term ‘Walmart Mom’?

No, what does it mean?

It’s basically a working-class, white mom who shops at Walmart and tends to vote Republican.