What does WAM mean?

Wait a minute

If you’re chatting online and someone sends you ‘WAM’, they’re asking you to wait a minute. This means they need you to be patient and hold on for a bit while they handle something else that requires their attention.

The term ‘WAM’ is often used when a person needs to go AFK (Away From Keyboard) for a little while to deal with a real-life situation. This could be anything from answering a phone call to dealing with a sudden emergency.

For instance, if your friend Mike is in the middle of a game but his pizza delivery arrives, he might type ‘WAM, need to pay the pizza guy’. This tells you he’s stepping away from the game for a moment to collect and pay for his food.

Example for using ‘WAM’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free to video chat?

Sorry, WAM. I need to let my dog out.

No problem, take your time!

Thanks! I’ll be right back.