What does Wan2 mean?

Want to

When you get a text that says ‘Wan2’, it’s just a quick and easy way of saying “want to”. This shorthand often pops up in text conversations or chat messages when someone’s suggesting an activity or asking if you’re up for something.

Let’s say your partner texts you, “Wan2 catch a movie later?” Or maybe your best mate messages, “Wan2 come over for a game night?” In both cases, they’re using ‘Wan2’ as a shortcut for ‘want to’.

So, next time you see ‘Wan2’ in a message, you’ll know it’s just a quick way of asking if you’re interested in doing something. It’s a handy little piece of text slang to know!

Example for using ‘Wan2’ in a conversation

Wan2 grab lunch at the new burger joint?

Sure! What time?

How about 12:30?

Sounds good. See you there! πŸ”