What does WAPCE stand for?

Women are pure concentrated evil

WAPCE is a rather bitter acronym that’s usually thrown around by a guy who’s just been hurt by a woman. This could be due to a variety of reasons – a breakup, a date getting rejected, you name it.

The term could be used in either a serious or lighthearted manner. It could be a joke amongst friends or a serious expression of disappointment and frustration.

So, if you ever hear a man use the term ‘WAPCE’, you’ll now know that he’s probably been hurt in some way by a woman. And depending on the situation, he could be either joking about it or truly upset.

Example for using ‘WAPCE’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about Mark and Sarah?

Yeah, they broke up last week. He’s really upset about it.

I know, he keeps saying ‘WAPCE’ all the time now.

What does that even mean?