What does Wasted mean?


When someone says they’re wasted, it usually implies they’re heavily drunk. The term is often used to indicate that a person has had an excessive amount of alcohol.

However, the term wasted is not just limited to alcohol consumption. It can also be used when someone is under the influence of drugs. It’s a way people express they’re highly intoxicated.

There are also some other contexts where the term wasted is used as slang. Determining which meaning of wasted is being used can often depend on the situation or context.

So, when you hear someone saying they’re wasted, consider the situation before you start worrying or over-thinking it. Context can help you understand if they’re talking about being intoxicated or something else.

Example for using ‘Wasted’ in a conversation

Hey, are you coming to the party tonight?

Nah, I’m feeling wasted from last night. Gonna stay in and rest.

Haha, I can’t blame you. You were really going hard at the bar.

Yeah, I definitely had too many shots. Woke up this morning feeling terrible.