What does WAYDT stand for?

What are you doing tonight

When you see “WAYDT” pop up on your phone or social media, it’s someone asking about your evening plans. It could be a friendly check-in or a potential romantic overture. WAYDT is most likely to appear in text messages, online chats, or direct messages on social media platforms.

Reacting to a WAYDT message might depend on who’s asking and how you feel about them. If there’s a mutual romantic interest, you could respond with a coy hint about your plans. But if you’re not into the person, you could either make up a plausible excuse or reply with a firm NOYB (None Of Your Business).

WAYDT also crops up on social media site-wide posts, where users are keen to know what everyone else is doing. This is common on weekends, or before major celebrations and events such as New Year’s Eve (NYE) or the Super Bowl (SB).

Example for using ‘WAYDT’ in a conversation

Hey! WAYDT tonight? πŸ€”

Not much, just staying in and watching a movie. What about you? 😊

Oh, that sounds nice! I was thinking maybe we could grab dinner together? πŸ•πŸ”

I’d love to! Let’s meet at our favorite pizza place at 7? πŸ•–