What does WCM stand for in gaming?

Warcraft Movies

WCM stands for the Warcraft Movies website, a platform dedicated to showcasing gameplay videos from Blizzard Entertainment’s massively popular game, World of Warcraft.

The website not only allows users to view recorded or live gameplay sessions but also provides an opportunity for them to submit their own gameplay videos. This makes WCM a hub for World of Warcraft fans to share and enjoy content related to their favorite game.

So, the next time you come across ‘WCM’ in a conversation, remember it’s all about World of Warcraft videos. It’s a term born out of the gaming community’s love for this iconic game.

Example for using ‘WCM’ in a conversation

Hey, have you checked out WCM lately? 🎮

Yeah, I love watching gameplay videos on there! 🙌

Same! It’s awesome to see all the epic battles in World of Warcraft. ⚔️

Totally! I even submitted one of my own videos last week. 📹