What does WCS stand for in eSports?

StarCraft II World Championship Series

WCS is a term often used by fans of StarCraft II (SC2). It’s an abbreviation for the StarCraft II World Championship Series. This major SC2 eSports event was organized by Blizzard, the creators of the game, and it was active from 2012 to 2019.

The WCS was made up of multiple yearly tournaments taking place in various locations. These led to a grand final at BlizzCon, which is Blizzard’s yearly gaming event. At BlizzCon, one player would be declared the WCS champion.

In 2020, Blizzard decided to end the World Championship Series. They then passed the professional SC2 scene to ESL (Electronic Sports League) and Dreamhack. These two organizations now manage the ESL Pro Tour StarCraft II circuit, with Blizzard providing the prizes.

Example for using ‘WCS’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the WCS finals?

Yeah, I saw it! The matches were intense! 🎮🔥

I know, right? The WCS always brings out the best players!

Definitely! It’s sad that it ended though. 😢