What does WD stand for?

Well done

If you’ve done something well and someone acknowledges it, they might use the abbreviation WD, which stands for “well done.” This term is frequently used in the gaming community, where it could be used as a substitute for other popular terms like GG (good game) or NP (nice play).

But you don’t just have to be a gamer to receive a WD. It can be used in everyday communication too. If you share a personal achievement with your significant other, buddies, family members, or office colleagues, they might reply with a WD to show they’re impressed.

Say, for instance, you inform your manager that you’ve successfully completed a project ahead of schedule and within the allocated budget. You might then receive a congratulatory WD in response, either in an email or a chat message.

Example for using ‘WD’ in a conversation

Hey, I just finished my presentation for work!

WD! That’s awesome! I’m sure you did great!

Thanks! I worked really hard on it.

Well, your hard work paid off. WD again!