What does WDMB stand for?

Will do my best

When faced with a challenging task, people often use the acronym WDMB, which stands for “will do my best”. It’s a way for them to convey that they’ll put their maximum effort into tackling the situation at hand.

Let’s say you wish a violinist good luck before their audition for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. In response, they might text back, “Thanks! WDMB!” This implies they’re planning to give everything they’ve got, but they’re not completely confident it will be enough.

When you receive a message containing WDMB, the sender is generally feeling uncertain if their best will suffice. You can offer them some encouragement by responding with positive words like telling them they’ll do great.

Example for using ‘WDMB’ in a conversation

Hey, I have an important presentation tomorrow. 😬

Oh, don’t worry! You got this! WDMB! πŸ’ͺ

Thanks! I’m really nervous, but I’ll do my best. πŸ™

No doubt about it! You’ll rock it! 🀩