What does WDYC stand for?

Why do you care

Ever wondered why someone is so overly interested in something? Well, you might just ask them “WDYC”, which is short for “why do you care”. It’s a popular choice for online chats, text messages and social media interactions.

“WDYC” can be used in a genuine or sarcastic way. The exact tone can usually be understood from the overall conversation. For instance, if a coworker is digging into the specifics of your project, you could ask them, “WDYC?”

Another scenario could be when you’re upset with your dad and he’s asking about your day. A possible response could be “WDYC?”. So, the next time you see “WDYC”, remember it’s just a quick way to ask, “why do you care?”

Example for using ‘WDYC’ in a conversation

Friend: Hey, did you see that new movie? It’s getting so much hype!

Me: WDYC? Is it really that good?

Friend: Yeah, I loved it! You should definitely check it out.

Me: Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll give it a try.