What does Wei stand for?

Whatever idiot

Wei is a slang term often used in online communication, especially during gaming or text conversations. It’s a way for people to express their disagreement or disdain for a statement or comment. When someone says something you don’t agree with or don’t like, you can respond with “wei”.

For instance, if a person makes a rude remark about your appearance, you might retort with a simple, “wei, who asked you?” Similarly, if a fellow gamer is boasting about their skills and belittling yours, you can shut them down with a quick “wei”.

Though wei can be a serious insult, it’s not always used with negative intent. Sometimes, it’s just a playful jab. The context of the conversation will usually tell you if it’s meant to be hurtful or not.

Example for using ‘Wei’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear what Kevin said about my new haircut? πŸ™„

Wei. Who asked him anyway? πŸ˜’