What does WFM stand for?

Works for me

Have you ever received a message that said ‘WFM’ and wondered what it means? Well, it’s a common way of saying “works for me.” It’s typically used by friends, family, or colleagues when they’re in agreement with a plan or idea you’ve proposed.

Let’s say you’re chatting with your bestie, Alex, and you suggest grabbing pizza for lunch. If Alex replies with “WFM,” it means he’s totally on board with your pizza plan.

It’s a handy acronym to use when you want to confirm a suggestion quickly and casually. So next time when someone asks for your approval on something, feel free to drop a ‘WFM’ to show your agreement.

Example for using ‘WFM’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free to catch a movie tonight?

WFM! What time does it start?

7 PM. Is that okay with you?

Sounds good to me! WFM.