What does WFP stand for?

Work from pub

In today’s digital world, WFP is a new slang term that stands for “Work From Pub”. It’s a fun twist on WFH (Work From Home) and WFA (Work From Anywhere), and it’s become quite popular as a way for people to share their work location for the day, especially on social media.

This term first picked up steam in London during the Covid-19 pandemic. Pubs started using WFP as a way to draw in remote workers, encouraging them to set up shop in their establishments, rather than staying cooped up at home.

Some pubs even started offering special deals for these remote workers, like renting out space and providing food and drink packages. So, if someone tells you they’re WFP, it doesn’t mean they’re slacking off – they’re just working in a more sociable setting!

So, next time you see your friend or co-worker posting WFP online, or receive a text saying they’re WFP, you’ll know exactly what they’re up to.

Example for using ‘WFP’ in a conversation

Hey! What are you up to today? πŸ€”

WFP! Working from pub πŸ»πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

That sounds like a great idea! Which pub are you at? 🏒

The one on Main Street. They have a good Wi-Fi connection and comfy seats! πŸ˜„