What does Whaling mean?

Behaving like a whale that’s breaching

Whaling is a fun and quirky slang term that describes a person or group of people mimicking the movements of a whale breaching the surface of the water. It’s all about popping up unexpectedly, just like a whale would!

This entertaining trend gained popularity back in 2014 on a social media platform known as Vine. This platform was unique because it allowed users to upload short video clips, no longer than six seconds in duration.

The real charm of whaling lies in the location. The more unusual or public the place, the more amusing the act tends to be. So, next time you see someone suddenly leap up in a public place, they might just be whaling!

Example for using ‘Whaling’ in a conversation

Hey! Have you seen that new viral trend called ‘Whaling’? πŸ‹

Yeah, I have! It’s so funny! πŸ˜‚

I know, right? I saw this video where a guy popped up like a whale out of nowhere. Hilarious! 🀣

I’ve seen a few of those too! It’s crazy how creative people can get with it. πŸ™Œ