What does Whip mean?


Ever heard the term ‘Whip’ being tossed around in rap songs or by your friends? No, they’re not talking about the physical tool used to control horses. Instead, it’s a cool way of referring to a vehicle.

Many times, this slang is used to brag about owning or driving an expensive, luxury car. The term didn’t just appear out of nowhere, though. It comes from the action of ‘whipping’ a car around tight corners at high speeds, much like a whip’s fast, fluid motion.

So next time you hear a rap artist boasting about his ‘whip’, you’ll know they’re not talking about an Indiana Jones-style leather whip, but their fancy, probably six-figure, ride.

Example for using ‘Whip’ in a conversation

Yo, check out my new whip!

Whoa, that’s sick! What kind of whip is it?

It’s a blacked-out Mustang. Got it last week.

Dang, you’re really flexin’ with that whip!