What does Whipped mean?

Doing what they’re told

When someone is termed as being ‘Whipped’, it generally means they are excessively obedient or submissive towards their significant other. This term is widely used in casual conversations, especially among young people.

Men are often the subject of being labeled ‘Whipped’ when they frequently decline plans with their friends because their girlfriend or wife disapproves. This phrase is most commonly used by single friends who find their buddy’s behavior overly controlled by his partner.

The term ‘Whipped’ has a slightly negative connotation, as it implies that the person lacks independence or personal freedom in the relationship. However, it’s important to remember that each relationship is unique and what might seem like being ‘Whipped’ to outsiders could just be a mutual understanding between the couple.

Example for using ‘Whipped’ in a conversation

Friend: Hey, are you coming to the game tonight?

Me: Can’t make it, my girlfriend wants us to go shopping.

Friend: Seriously? You’re whipped, man. Have some bro time!

Me: I know, but I gotta keep her happy, you know? Maybe next time.