What does Whisper mean in online gaming?

Whisper means Private message

In the world of gaming and live-streaming platforms, when we say ‘Whisper’, we’re referring to a private message. It’s a way for gamers to have a one-on-one chat while they’re engrossed in their multiplayer gaming sessions. This could be in games like MMORPG or MOBA.

But it’s not just limited to gaming. Online platforms like Twitch and Discord, which are popular with gamers and streamers, also use the term ‘Whisper’. In these platforms, you can send a whisper to someone instead of posting a message in a public chat room or server.

So next time you’re on a gaming or streaming platform, and you want to have a private chat, remember, you can send a ‘Whisper’

Example for using ‘Whisper’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that awesome play in the game last night? 🎮

Yes, it was incredible! I couldn’t believe it. 😮

I know, right? I wanted to talk about it, but didn’t want to interrupt the chat. Let’s whisper about it. 😉

Good idea! Whisper me the details so we can discuss it privately. 🤫