What does Wht mean?

‘Wht’ stands for ‘What’

If you’re a fan of shortening words, you’re likely to use “wht” as a quick way of saying “what.” If you’re not into abbreviations, you might find “wht” a bit silly since it only saves you one letter. No matter your stance, this abbreviation is typically seen online or in text messages.

It can kick off a question or stand alone to highlight bewilderment. For instance, in online settings, particularly on social media, it’s often thrown out in response to a bizarre video or picture.

People also frequently use “wht” as a single-word reaction to something baffling. So, next time you see something perplexing online, feel free to respond with a simple “wht”.

Example for using ‘Wht’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video I sent you? Wht was that all about? 🤔

I have no idea! Wht even was that? It’s so bizarre! 😮

I know, right? Wht were they thinking when they made that? 😂

Seriously, it’s like they’re from another planet or something. Wht a strange video! 🙃