What does WIP mean?

Work in progress

WIP is short for “Work in Progress”. This term is often used by people who are in the middle of creating something but haven’t finished yet. This could be anything from a painting, a piece of writing, a software program, or even a building layout.

The purpose of this term is to act as a kind of warning. It lets others know that what they’re seeing or experiencing isn’t the final product. It’s still being worked on. This is particularly useful when the person making the project wants some fresh feedback, like a sculptor seeking opinions on a new piece, or a graphic designer needing input on a website design.

You might come across this term in various situations. For instance, it might be scribbled on a note pinned to a sketch. Alternatively, you might find it in an email, alongside a draft design, or even in the description of some source code uploaded to a digital repository.

Example for using ‘WIP’ in a conversation

Hey, I wanted to show you something!

Sure, what is it?

It’s a WIP of the painting I’ve been working on. Take a look!

Wow, it looks great so far! Can’t wait to see the finished piece.