What does Wit mean?

‘Wit’ is slang for ‘With’

When you’re texting or chatting online, you might see the word ‘wit’. Don’t worry, it’s just a cool, quick way to say ‘with’. For example, if your buddy Sam says he wants to get a “pizza wit extra cheese,” he’s just saying he wants a pizza with extra cheese.

People often use ‘wit’ to sound more casual or chill. It’s a very informal abbreviation, so it’s mostly used between friends or people who know each other well. So, if your pal Lisa says she’s “cool wit it,” she’s simply saying that she’s okay with it.

Just remember, ‘wit’ is not a term to use in a formal setting. It’s a term people use when they’re trying to sound dope or cool. So next time you see ‘wit’ in a text or chat, you now know it’s just a fun way to say ‘with’.

Example for using ‘Wit’ in a conversation

Hey, wanna grab some pizza wit me tonight? πŸ•

Sure, I’m down wit that! What time? ⏰

Let’s meet at 7pm wit all the gang. πŸ•–

Sounds good, see you then! πŸ‘