What does WITS stand for?

What is this s***

‘WITS’ is a slang acronym that stands for ‘what is this s***’. It’s a phrase that people often use when they’re shocked or annoyed.

This term is quite similar to another widely used slang, ‘WTF’, which most people are familiar with. Both are expressions of disbelief, frustration or shock over something that’s happening.

Using ‘WITS’ in a conversation can add a touch of humor or indicate the speaker’s mood. So, next time when you see or hear ‘WITS’, you’ll know what it means!

Example for using ‘WITS’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen this new movie trailer?

No, I haven’t. Send it to me!

Sure, here’s the link: [link]

WITS! That looks absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to watch it!