What does WLOL stand for?

Whip laugh out loud

When someone uses the acronym WLOL, they’re saying that they find something so funny that they’re not just laughing out loud – they’re also throwing their head back in amusement. It’s a more exaggerated version of the term LOL, which is commonly used online to indicate laughter.

For instance, if someone named John told a hilarious joke on an online chat, his friend Alice might respond with WLOL to show that she found his joke extremely funny. It’s a playful, enthusiastic way to react to something humorous.

So, next time you see WLOL in a text or chat, just remember – it means the person is laughing so hard, they’re practically tossing their head back with glee. It’s a fun, expressive way to show laughter in the digital world.

Example for using ‘WLOL’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that hilarious video of the cat falling off the table?

Yeah, I saw it! WLOL! πŸ˜‚

I couldn’t stop laughing! WLOL too! πŸ˜†