What does WLYK stand for?

Will let you know

Ever been texted ‘WLYK’ and wondered what it meant? It stands for ‘Will Let You Know’. This is often used when someone needs to give you more information in the future. You’ll typically come across this acronym in conversations about scheduling, ongoing tasks, or other situations with uncertain details.

Let’s say you message your friend John asking when he’ll finish his shift. If he’s uncertain, he might reply with, “No clue, WLYK when I clock out.” In this case, John is saying he’ll inform you when he has a more concrete idea of his finishing time.

WLYK is a handy shorthand that can make digital communication more efficient and casual. Next time you see these four letters, you’ll know that the person on the other end is planning to follow up with more details later on.

Example for using ‘WLYK’ in a conversation

Hey, are we still meeting up later?

Not sure yet, WLYK after I finish work.

No rush, just let me know when you’re free.

Sure thing, WLYK as soon as I’m done.