What does WMAO stand for?

Working my a** off

WMAO is a slang term used to express the feeling of working extremely hard, to the point of exhaustion. When someone says they’re “working their ass off”, it means they’re extremely busy, often under strenuous circumstances, and they might even feel like they’re on the verge of collapsing from the sheer amount of work they have to do.

We often see this term being used in casual text conversations, online chats, and social media posts. It’s usually used to vent or complain about a demanding work situation. For instance, it could be a boss who’s making unreasonable demands or the need to juggle multiple jobs just to pay the bills.

Here are some situations where you might use WMAO: You could be complaining about the long hours you’ve put into a project or lamenting about a boss who expects you to work over the weekend on top of your regular weekday duties. Alternatively, you might use it to explain why you’ve been MIA to your friends, because you’ve been swamped with work commitments.

Example for using ‘WMAO’ in a conversation

Hey, how’s your day going?

WMAO! I’ve been working non-stop. Exhausted!

Oh no, that sounds tough. Take a break soon!

I wish I could, but deadlines are piling up. 😩