What does WOD stand for in gaming?

Warlords of Draenor

When you hear the term ‘WOD’, it’s all about gaming. Specifically, it’s an acronym that gamers use to talk about the fifth expansion pack for the popular online game, World of Warcraft, often abbreviated as WOW.

The WOD expansion follows the story after the MOP expansion. Here, players find themselves in a new setting: Draenor. This place holds special significance, as it’s the original home of the orcs, one of the iconic races in the game.

Just remember, when gamers say ‘WOD’, they’re not talking about some new game or gadget. They’re discussing the adventures and challenges they face in Draenor, the next chapter in the epic World of Warcraft saga.

Example for using ‘WOD’ in a conversation

Hey, have you played the latest expansion of World of Warcraft?

Yeah, I’m really into WOD! It’s so much fun.

Nice! What’s it all about?

Well, WOD is the fifth expansion pack. It’s set on Draenor, the original home world of the orcs.