Woman Crush

What does Woman Crush mean?

A woman who is admired or liked

Woman crush is all about liking a woman for the amazing person she is. It’s about wanting to spend time with her because she’s cool. This could be anyone, from the girl next door to a well-known celebrity like a sports star, movie star, or even a politician.

Usually, it’s a term used by women to express their admiration for another woman. That being said, men can use it too. It’s not about romance or anything sexual, it’s about wanting to be friends with this woman. But, sometimes it can go a bit beyond just friendship.

There are many reasons why someone could be a woman crush. Maybe she’s super pretty, or maybe she’s got a fun personality. Or, she could be a woman crush simply because she’s successful and wealthy.

Most of the time, woman crush is used as a noun. But it can also be used as a verb. For instance, you could say, “I’ve been woman crushing on her for a while now.” It’s a flexible term that expresses admiration and liking for a woman.

Example for using ‘Woman Crush’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen the new movie with Emma Watson?

Yes! I have such a woman crush on her 😍

I totally get it! She’s talented and inspiring.

Exactly! I wish I could hang out with her.