What does Woot mean?


Woot is a term used to express excitement or joy, often in reaction to something positive happening. It’s similar to shouting “Yes!” or “Awesome!” when you’re thrilled about something, like scoring the winning point in a game or finding out you’re getting free dessert.

The exact roots of woot are a bit hazy. Some people think it came about from phrases like “wow, loot!” or “wondrous loot” in video games like Dungeons and Dragons (DND) back in the 1980s. Others argue that it grew out of the “Whoot, there it is” phrase popular in early-90s hip-hop. A smaller group of people claim that it’s from the “WOOT” acronym, which means “We Owned (the) Other Team.”

You’re most likely to come across woot on the internet, during online chats or while playing video games. However, you may also see it in text messages or hear someone say it out loud in the real world. A common variation is “woot woot!” Some people also spell it as “w00t” or “wewt”, which are variations in leet, a language style used by hackers that changes the spelling of words slightly.

Example for using ‘Woot’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? I just found out we’re getting free ice cream today! 🍦

Woot! That’s awesome! I love ice cream! 🙌

I know, right? It’s gonna be so good. Can’t wait! 😄

Woot woot! It’s gonna be a sweet treat! 🎉