Work Wife

What does Work Wife mean?

Top lady friend at work

A work wife refers to a female coworker that you’re especially close to at your job. It’s like having a best friend at work, someone who supports you, cheers you on, and understands the ins and outs of your work life.

This term is used regardless of a person’s marital status. You might be married, single, or in a relationship, but still have a work wife. It’s not meant to cause distress to a significant other, but instead, it emphasizes the strength and depth of the friendship between the two colleagues.

Often, a work wife is someone you spend a lot of time with during office hours. You might eat lunch together, share jokes, and have each other’s backs when things get tough. You’re more than just coworkers; you’re a team.

While most work wives share a platonic bond, sometimes, the relationship can develop into something more. If the friendship begins to extend beyond the office and into personal life, romantic feelings may arise. It’s important to remember that every work wife relationship is unique and varies from person to person.

Example for using ‘Work Wife’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new girl in our office?

Yeah, she’s really nice! I think she might become my work wife.

Work wife? What’s that?

It’s like a best friend at work, someone you spend a lot of time with and have a strong bond with.