What does WR1 mean in Fantasy Football?

First player chosen in fantasy football as a wide receiver

When you’re playing fantasy football, WR1 is a term you’ll come across often. It’s short for your team’s top starting wide receiver, the player who’s your best bet for catching passes and scoring touchdowns.

The term WR1 is typically seen in fantasy football lineups, along with the terms WR2 and WR3, depending on the format of your league. These acronyms refer to the first, second and third wide receivers on your team respectively.

A standard fantasy football team setup usually includes a quarterback (QB), two running backs (RBs), three wide receivers (WRs) or two wide receivers plus a flex player, a tight end (TE), a kicker (K), and a team defense and special teams.

Why is the WR1 so crucial? In fantasy football, wide receivers have the potential to rack up a lot of points. They’re primarily responsible for catching the ball for yards and touchdowns, but they can also earn points by running the ball.

Example for using ‘WR1’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the lineup for this week’s fantasy football game?

Yeah, I checked it out. I see you have a solid WR1.

Thanks! I drafted him early because he’s a top-tier wide receiver.

Definitely a smart move. WR1s usually score a lot of points.