What does WRU@ stand for?

Where are you at?

If you ever get a text message that says WRU@, it’s someone asking you, “where are you at?” It’s a quick and easy way for people to check on your location, especially if they’re waiting for you to show up.

Now if you’re just around the corner and will be there any minute, you can respond with BTS. It’s another acronym that says you’ll be there soon. Kind of like saying “be there in a sec”.

But what if you’re running a little late? Well, it’s probably best to drop the slang and explain the situation. Just send a reply that tells them you’re on your way but might be a bit l8 – another way of saying “late”. You can add why you’re running behind if you want to.

Example for using ‘WRU@’ in a conversation

Hey! WRU@?

I’m at the coffee shop. Where r u?

I’m on my way. Be there in 10 mins. BTS!

No rush. Take your time! See you soon. 😊